Container Gardens

Love your yard but it seems to be missing something? Let FarWest give your yard the pizzazz it deserves. FarWest Garden Center stocks a unique selection of perennial and annual garden plant material that is available to give your yard colorful flowers all season. Let us use color, bloom times, sizes, shapes and textures to give your home garden & containers season-long interest. Your home will be the envy of your neighborhood!   We can come to your home or you can bring us your containers in to FarWest to be potted with brilliant colorful flowers and foliage. Contact Marianne at 853-4000 or email:

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Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Adding the element of fire to your landscape can add a new dimension to enjoying your outdoor space. FarWest can help you create the perfect fire pit or fireplace. Whether the fire pit/fireplace is a crusher cone, wall block or a custom fire pit, we can help you bring your vision to life.

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Landscape Lighting

Everyone notices a home with a well lit landscape. Landscape lighting adds a new dimension to your landscape by accentuating the beauty of your landscape at night. Increase your homes curb appeal and set your home apart from other landscapes. FarWest designers and crews are lighting experts and can put the finishing touch on your landscape.

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Outdoor Living & Pergolas

Bring the party outside! FarWest can help you enhance your outdoor space with custom pergolas, kitchens and more. House an outdoor BBQ with your best friends on your new outdoor kitchen. Get in touch with us to start enjoying your outdoor space today.

Paver & Flagstone Walkways

Our skilled team of designers and crew can create pathways and patios for any landscape project. Flagstone and paver pathways are a great way to add connection and visual interest to your landscape.

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Planter Boxes

Adding planter boxes to your landscape can bring a great deal of color and life to your landscape. Planter boxes for vegetable gardens are also popular. FarWest designers can help you design and install multiple styles of planter boxes to suit any landscape project.

Retaining Walls & Steps

Retaining walls and steps are a great way to not only add function, but help tie the elements in your design together for a flowing, beautiful landscape. FarWest and our skilled team can work with you to enhance your landscape with these elements.

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Water Features

A variety of water features are available including ponds, bubbling rocks, streams and more. FarWest has the ability to create a wide variety of custom water features that add the soothing sound of water to your landscape experience. We also maintain and service water features ensuring they are always in good working order.

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